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Poland’s Masuria Lakeland is an area of impressive natural beauty with more than 2,000 lakes and dense forests. We will take your for the best Adventure ever! Canoeing, Gilland’s village, laser paintball in the forest and human table football are just some of the activities. Ice rink and aqua park at the same day? Why not? Are you up to horse riding or windsurfing? You can join us for those ones too! Let’s rock and roll this season!


Lively lakeside Mikołajki (mee-ko-wahy-kee) perches on picturesque narrows crossed by three bridges.

We will visit the most famous and the longest street: Kajki, or as local residents say: Kajki is all of Mikołajki. Beautiful architecture, shops, promenades. Time for our shopping and beautiful views. We will walk to the Mazurian Harbor, and with a little luck will listen to Szanty (typical sailors music). An absolute must visit.

Let’s get some adrenaline and fun..Water Park is awaiting!


Located in the well-known 5* Hotel Gołębiewski, right on the shores of Lake Tałty in Mikołajki, the aqua park is divided into two parts – internal and external. In the centre of the facility there is a 25-meter sports pool, a recreational pool with a wave, a diving pool and a river-shaped one. Some pools are equipped with water fountains or rain showers. There are also slides and several Jacuzzis. We will also use outdoor pools. Choose from a sports pool, a summer-winter pool with hydromassage, a recreational pool with water jets and a paddling pool for children. We also have 2 beach volleyball courts and a sun terrace for our use. We will stay in the park for 2 or 3 hours. Two hours for those who want to swap that third our at pool for ice rink and 3 hours for those who prefer to stay in the warm water. Make up your mind while booking the camp and let us know right there. We can easily say that the sun always shines here!


Ice skating in Summer? You can to that only with Olimp!

If you can and feel like skating in the middle of summer then join us and let’s get crazy on ice! Gołębiewski is the first hotel in Poland, where one can skate all over the year. The area of  artificial ice field is  about 700 square metres. Make your decision while booking the camp.


Several hours, without restrictions dictated by the participants decision, kayaking along the Krutyń-Rosocha or the Krutyń-Ukta route.

Krutyń-Rosocha is relatively short (about 9 km, i.e. about 2-3 hours of kayaking + stops), very nice, shallow and safe. Great views, shade of trees and fresh air. There are three bridges along the entire route. The route is more relaxing than „competitive”, recommended for beginners in kayaking.

Route for participants up to 11 years old.

Krutyń – Ukta is 13 or 15 km long and is very nice, shallow and safe (half of the section is about 0.5 m deep). Here we will collide with beautiful nature, unique forests, crystal, clear water rich in water plants. There are five bridges along the entire route.

Route for participants from 12 years old.

Both routes are looked after by licensed  lifeguards. They will also conduct pre-kayaking training for the group, supervise and help participants and teachers in any case of rescuing. Each participant will receive a life jacket. On both routes there are so-called kayak bars, so there will be time to stop. In practice, participants themselves decide about the trip time.

Kayaking on Krutynia River is a must. It’s a very easy flowing river, so it’s not hard to paddle at all.


Real life computer game!

Digital combat game experience, utilizing outdoor environments and the latest in infra-red gaming gun technologies. Choose your weapon, discuss your tactics, aim down the red-dot sight and take out your opponents! Described as a cross between a grown-up laser tag and pain-free paintball, teams play a number of different scenarios during their time with us. The Laser Tag Pros:

  • A large variety of scenarios, high dynamics
  • High accuracy and no possibility of immortality
  • Unlimited ammunition
  • Realistic sound effects, collimator sights, replicas
  • Interesting electronic accessories – first aid kits, flags, ammunition
  • High precision shots

Your age does not matter, we all gonna have fun!


Iznota near to Mikołajki, is situated on a peninsula where the river Krutyn is falling in to the lake Bełdany – marked on the tourist maps as the place with the most beautiful view. The Amber Route ran through Galindia, transporting extremely valuable amber to the south and west. The current leader Yzeggus II resurrects and continues the universal ideas of the Galindias through an unusual tour with a guide dressed in animal skins, which will present the history, culture and customs of the Galindias tribe. We will participate in the tour by creating a lauke – a tribe where, for example, the leader exercises power, and the shaman takes part in ritual ceremonies (all for fun of course). We will dress in special clothes that are worn in the settlement. We will end the tour by screening a film about the history of the place and the tribe of Galindias. We will take you to another era.


Use of pedal boats, swim on flamingos and massive rings. We have the private beach with own lifeguard so there will be no time limits. Lots of fun, sun and laugh on those hot summer days!


Everyone loves cycling. Beautiful forests, an easy route to ride around the lake will make those trips amazing. Guided by your teacher you and your friends will discover  the wonderful nature of Masurian forest paths.


Amazing pitch is surrounded by a 50′ long by 30′ wide inflatable wall, with goal mouths at each end. With five players on each side, teams have to work together to score as many goals as they can. Each player is attached to a crosswise pole, only able to move from one side to another as they kick the ball toward the opposing team’s goal, just like in the table – top version. Team work here is a must and you will learn that perfectly! Let’s shout gooooooaaaaal and start the game!


Divided into groups, we will solve some forest puzzles. Searching for questions, hints and characters will be a challenge. We’ll get forest bases to get to the finish as quickly as possible, and of course … wait for a surprise!


The name derives from the fact that a peg is sent back to the „out” field when another peg lands on it, similar to the game Sorry! But only this time you are going to be the peg! Plus the giant Die to throw (you will need some help with it!) and let’s start! Lots of fun and physical activity, which is what at our camps we like the most!


No worries it’s nothing to do with a real baptism (except the name). It is an old tradition that provides a lot of laughter, fun and joy. Drink the God’s drink (sour juice), colour your face, crawl in the mud. That’s all is a mini survival of fun! Our 'old’ participants will play the role of devils to ensure the rituals of baptism. After which you will be given a new camp name and thus you will become a legitimate participant of our Adventure Camp!


Professional course conducted by the licensed Windsurfing School (PSW).

*Activity charged separately – more information at ”Extra Activities Section”.


An unusual activity combined with help for horses. We will use carriage, ride a horse, participate at bonfire. An amazing day among animals combined with helping.

*Activity charged separately – more information at ”Extra Activities Section”.

  • Boom Fire
  • Talent Show
  • Discos

Poland’s Masuria Lakeland – is an area of impressive natural beauty. Verdant land of rolling hills dotted with countless lakes (more than 2000), healthy little farms, scattered tracts of forest and small towns. The district is centred on Lake Śniardwy (114 sq km), Poland’s largest lake, and Lake Mamry and its adjacent waters (an additional 104 sq km). Over 15% of the area is covered by water and another 30% by forest. Masuria is inhabited by many animal species. The forests are the habitat of the bison, elk, beaver, deer, roe deer, wild boar, lynx or badger. Of course, when visiting Masuria, you can’t leave without kayaking on those amazing routes!

RESORT PIECKI – is located on the edge of the Masurian Landscape Park and the Piska Forest, near the route Mragowo – Szczytno. The waters of Lake Wągiel, over which the resort is picturesquely located, are classified as class I cleanliness (silent zone). Large pitches, massive tents for special activities, a private beach and forest surroundings makes this place perfect for our Summer Camp.

Rooms: 4 bed en suite rooms / COMFORT TYPE (renovated in 2019)

Full board: 3 meals + desert. Buffets for breakfast and dinner. Lunch with two course meal served to the table.

The resort is perfectly adapted for organising summer camps.

Property highlights:

  • Water bikes
  • Large activity tents
  • Disco room
  • Play room
  • Class room
  • Café
  • Roofed bon fire place
  • Lake equipment rental/kayaks, pedal bikes, canoe
  • Fields: basketball, football, volleyball
  • Lots of green space for organizing an extra outdoor activities

Professional course conducted by the licensed Windsurfing School PSW (Polish Windsurfing Association). Qualified instructors will provide children with safe and professional classes. The school has excellent equipment for teaching windsurfing, even for the youngest (children can be trained from the age of 5). Apart from fun, this is a truly professional windsurfing training in accordance with PSW guidelines. We trusted a team of experienced instructors with many years of experience in conducting classes with children and teens. So what are you waiting for?

Price: £65 / pp


An unusual activity combined with support. Not only horses but other animals as well. The amazing day among animals combined with your support. The foundation was established to promote the idea of a humane attitude towards animals, as well as to promote and develop horse sports and sled animals. The Foundation’s main mission is to help and rescue animals kept in poor conditions. During the visit you will have the opportunity to feed horses and other animals, participate in carriage rides and in the saddle. While enjoying grilled bonfire sausages and a cup of tea we will listen to the story: Eulalia  – the voice of Animals. There will be also a competition with prizes for a horseshoe throw. A great day out thanks to which we will all support the foundation.

Price: £35 / pp

Flight connection (limited spaces available)

Departure from London Gatwick on 27.07.2020 at 21:15 to Gdańsk

Return by coach on 08.08.2020 – more information below *

Camp Price: £575 Wizzair flight tickets + airport transfers + return coach

*more information below

Flight connection from Ireland (Ryanair)

* Please note: The parent is obliged to purchase the for the following flight:

Departure from Dublin on 27.07 at 20:40 – 00:25 to Gdansk

Departure from Gdansk 07.08 at 18:30 – 20:15 to Dublin

The price stated below does not include the Ryanair flight price

Camp £520 * (transfers from Gdańsk airport included in the price) + linking tickets with Olimp Tour flight care staff

* The cost of Ryanair linking is £30

APD is applicable for all flights departing from the UK

If a passenger on your booking is under 12 on the date of your departure from a UK airport (or under 16 for flights from 01st March 2016) then you may be entitled to a refund of the child’s APD/ £13

This amount will be refunded back to the original form of payment upon application, once all flights have been completed.  The child (children) included in the booking must be aged between 2-15 years inclusive on the of date of flight departure from a UK airport.

To apply search for UK Air Passenger Duty- Child Refund.

Flights take place under the care of our staff with direct transport of children from the airport to the center.

Please note: Purchase the Ryanair ticket as an adult, not including information that this is a child, please send the ticket confirmation to our email address. The participant will be checked in by us up to 2 weeks before departure. Until then we will hold his / her passport details.

Coach Travel

Established more than 20 years ago Partner coach operator has been woking with us since many years. With fully DBS checked drivers and an advanced fleet kitted with the highest safety features including Alcolock and DriveCam, you will be safe in the knowledge that you will enjoy a stress and hassle free coach travel for your child. Patner will provide us with a high class coach and 3 drivers for the return from the Adventure Camp in Poland:

Departure: Piecki – England on 07.08.2020; Arrival in UK on 08.08.2020 at locations below:

  • Maidstone – no extra charge
  • London – no extra charge
  • Luton – £20 additional charge
  • Milton Keynes – £20 additional chargé
Own Transportation

You can also purchase the camp without the transportation: Camp only  – £470 or Camp + Travel Insurance £490

Group travel

The group was created to help you with getting your child to our camp. All parents have opportunity to gather, contact and organize their group transport from England e.g. Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Birmingham and Scotland, e.g. Glasgow, Edinburgh and Livingston. Group travel will allow you to reduce the costs and also it’s a great opportunity to meet peers right before the camp! Link to the FB GROUP.

Our Camp package includes one way Wizzair flight ticket and return coach travel to London and other cities stated above.

Please note that the price will not change in case of your child staying in Poland after the camp. Information regarding the return should be marked on the booking form. Any changes will be accepted only until 15.05.2020.

Please download, print, fill and send all documentation to our postal address.
27 July – 08 August 2020 (13 DAYS)
Price includes:
  • One way flight ticket Gatwick – Poland
  • Return coach transfer Poland – Maidstone, London.  Please check the TRANSPORT section (additional cost for other cities).
  • Full implementation of the programme
  • Piecki Resort: 4 bed en suite rooms / COMFORT TYPE
  • Full board: 3 meals + desert. Buffets for breakfast and dinner. Lunch with two course meal served to the table. Packed lunch for excursions.
  • 24/7 Qualified Teachers and instructors care
  • Lifeguard care on the beach
  • Medical care
  • Sport equipment
13 Days
27 July – 07 August 2020 (12 DAYS)

*Note: Price does not include the flight ticket Dublin – Gdańsk – Dublin

 Price includes:
  • Aiport transfers Gdańsk-Piecki-Gdańsk
  • One way flight ticket Gatwick – Poland
  • Return coach transfer Poland – Maidstone, London. Please check the TRANSPORT section (additional cost for other cities).
  • Full implementation of the programme
  • Piecki Resort: 4 bed en suite rooms / COMFORT TYPE
  • Full board: 3 meals + desert. Buffets for breakfast and dinner. Lunch with two course meal served to the table. Packed lunch for excursions.
  • 24/7 Qualified Teachers and instructors care
  • Lifeguard care on the beach
  • Medical care
  • Sport equipment
12 Days

Additional Information

Plane and coach – Instalment payments until 15th of May 2020
All you need to do to secure your child’s place in the camp is to pay a deposit and then pay the rest in instalments at your best convenience.

United Kingdom flight departure/return coach
Departure: London Gatwick – Gdańsk on 27.07.2020 at 21:15 – Arrival Gdańsk 23:05; (tickets included in the camp price).
Arrival by coach: 08.08.2020; Maidstone, London, other cities timings to confirm

Ireland* flight departure/arrival
Return or single flights from Dublin (tickets purchased by the parent) to Gdańsk
Departure: Dublin – Gdańsk on 27.07.2020 at 20:40 – Arrival Gdańsk 00:25;
Departure: Gdańsk – Dublin on 07.08.2020 at 18:30 – Arrival du at 20:15
Please note: Olimp Tour is not responsible for the ticket prices as those might vary.

Coach Travel
Transfer by comfortable to Maidstone, London, Luton, Milton Keynes. During the trip children are being looked after by our friendly and qualified staff.

Price does not include:
Return flight ticket DUBLIN-GDAŃSK
Travel Insurance £20
Arrival to other cities* (please check the Transport section for more details)

Extra activities:
Windsurfing course – £65pp
Eulalia Stable – £35pp

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