For the past decade, Olimp Tour has been offering sports, multi-activity, and adventure summer and winter camps during school holidays. We provide a European summer camp experience for children and teenagers (ages 6-19) from all over the world. Our company is dynamic, motivated, and constantly growing, run by individuals with extensive knowledge and expertise in the industry.

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The Package Travel, Package Holidays, and Package Tours Regulations mandate travel companies to secure the funds consumers pay for specific travel arrangements and for repatriation in case of insolvency. As Protected Trust Services, we deposit your money into a Trust Account, which is a dedicated bank account for holding customer funds.

The Trust Account is overseen by a Trustee who is either a banker, certified accountant, or solicitor. Both the Protected Trust Services member and the Trustee must authorize payments from the Trust Account. Additionally, you are also covered by a financial guarantee from the Protected Trust Services.

Therefore, the Trust Account and guarantee ensure the safe protection and availability of your funds in case of any unforeseen circumstances. When you make a booking, you will receive a guaranteed certificate.

What is ATOL and how does it protect you?
ATOL (Air Travel Organiser’s Licence) is a scheme that protects travellers and their money if the travel operator they booked with ceases trading, before, or whilst they’re on holiday. This means you will be able to claim your money back or continue your holiday and be repatriated.

The majority of ATOL protected trips are package holidays – when you book multiple travel elements, such as flights and a hotel, for a single price through a tour operator, or travel agent (either online or in person).

Any package holiday sold in the UK must be ATOL protected. The scheme was introduced in 1973, following a series of high-profile business failures, and ATOL now protects millions of travellers each year.

ATOL holders pay £2.50 per traveller into a trust fund, which is used to repatriate, refund, or reimburse travellers if their travel operator ceases trading.

What does ATOL protect?
ATOL only comes into force if your travel operator stops trading. ATOL does not cover situations such as cancelled flights.

However, ATOL-protected package holidays are covered by package holiday regulations, which would allow you to claim a refund if your flight was cancelled.

While uncommon, the scheme also applies to some flight-only bookings. However, this is normally on flights where you pay for your ticket in instalments or do not receive your ticket straight away after paying.

ATOL does not regulate the service you receive from your tour operator, if you have an issue with your trip which is not linked to your ATOL certificate or claim, you should raise this with your operator in the first instance. If your complaint is not resolved, and your company is a member of either ABTA or the Travel Trust Association then you should contact them for further guidance.

At Olimp Tour Camps, we strive to create a safe, joyful, and welcoming environment where children can be themselves and reach their full potential. Our staff go above and beyond to make each holiday memorable for every child, with a focus on inspiring and motivating young people.

The caretakers play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of your child and we have complete faith in our staff to meet the expectations placed upon them. Furthermore, all members of the Olimp Tour team are enthusiastic about what they do and bring lively energy to the camp.

Every child is unique and by catering to their physical needs, we foster the development of their mind and character. Children should learn about the world and our staff are there to guide and assist them in this process.

Our summer camp program was designed in collaboration with teachers, instructors, and animators. The program aims to foster the child’s interests, athletic skills, and cultural entertainment while providing an unforgettable experience. There will be no pressure of competition or assessment, but instead a focus on creating a joyful and positive atmosphere.

The camp offers a variety of activities including trips, theme days, sports, workshops, and many other attractions, ensuring a truly unforgettable holiday experience!

COACHES – are equipped with air conditioning, toilets, DVDs, and comfortable folding chairs with lap belts. Sinbad has its own technical background, ensuring the coaches are properly prepared for any route. The drivers are experienced professionals who guarantee passenger safety, and we closely monitor compliance with transport regulations such as driving time and breaks for our drivers. During each trip, a coach will be accompanied by two drivers and the Olimp Tour Transportation Team, including a teacher and summer camp head teacher.

AIRLINES –  as an ATOL holder we are able to book any airline required for your trip.


We have partnered with Navigator, one of the best insurance companies in the UK tourism market, to provide the highest level of service. Our insurance policy offers complete peace of mind for parents while their children are at camp, including coverage for:

  • Medical up to £2,000,000
  • Public Liability up to £1,000,000
  • Ski Equipment up to £400
  • Activity and sports cover up to £1,000

Navigator also agrees to cover the cost of an early return to the UK in the event of a personal accident.


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